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In the production process of BB fertilizer equipment, various products can be produced by adjusting the ingredients and proportions of the formula, so BB fertilizer has become the best choice for balanced fertilization. How to give full play to the maximum efficiency of BB fertilizer machinery and produce high-quality BB fertilizer products in order to achieve market recognition, we need to pay attention to the problems in the following aspects.

1. Comprehensive nutrients and high content: BB fertilizer is mainly based on nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium. The three elements mainly come from urea, ammonium phosphate and potassium chloride, and then moderate and trace elements are added according to the needs of crops, such as sulfur, boron, zinc, molybdenum, etc., the total available nutrients are more than 50%, while the total available nutrients of compound fertilizer is 45%,
2. Significant fertilizer effect, increase production and income: BB fertilizer has high content of active ingredients and coordinated proportions, so the effect of increasing production is obvious. For example, the application of BB fertilizer in rice increases the yield by about 15% compared with conventional fertilization, which can save 6% to 8% of the cost of fertilizer input, save 6 to 10 yuan per acre of fertilizer cost, and add about 60 yuan per acre.
3. Flexible formula and strong pertinence: BB fertilizer is based on the different nutrient needs of different crops, with reference to different local soil fertility, and appropriately adjust the formula to meet the nutrient needs of crops and improve the fertilizer utilization rate.
4. Balanced fertilization: BB fertilizer is holy because of its high nutrient content, and crops will not plunder the nutrients in the soil excessively due to lack of fertilizer, which effectively avoids the decline of soil fertility.
5. Easy to use, save time and effort. It can be popularized in a large area: BB fertilizer has high nutrient content and low dosage. Generally speaking, one application of fertilizer can meet the needs of crop production, and no additional chemical fertilizers are required.
6. There are many varieties and models, which are convenient for farmers to purchase in a targeted manner: for example, there are currently special BB fertilizers for various crops such as rice, cotton, sugar cane, rape, watermelon, tobacco leaves, and vegetables.