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When choosing an organic fertilizer dryer, it is necessary to choose a suitable heat source, and choosing a reasonable heat source can effectively save the drying cost of the production line. We usually see a lot of heat sources that can maintain the normal operation of the dryer. Generally, the heat sources generated by electric heating and coal combustion are more used. Currently, gas is more used in production lines.
1 First of all, the safety of the organic fertilizer dryer on the organic fertilizer production line must be considered. During the processing of the organic fertilizer production line, there will be some dust inside, as well as some organic fertilizer raw materials, and some residues, which will be flammable, explosive, and easy to oxidize. When burning dry sources, measures should be taken to prevent fire or explosion.
2. Secondly, it is necessary to improve the cleanliness of the heat source of the organic fertilizer dryer to achieve drying stability. Under normal circumstances, under the condition of ensuring the drying quality of the organic fertilizer dryer, there are requirements for the quality of the objects to be dried and the materials to be dried. It is necessary to ensure that the heat source is easy to control, so as to achieve the working stability of the organic fertilizer dryer.
3. The heat source of the organic fertilizer dryer should fully consider environmental protection. As we all know, relying on the organic fertilizer production line to process organic fertilizer is an environmentally friendly fertilizer processing technology. Of course, it is necessary to consider environmental protection and reduce the expenditure on environmental protection in the process of organic fertilizer processing. The burning heat source emits peculiar smell, emits smoke and pollutes the environment during the combustion process. In order to reduce emissions, it is necessary to increase the investment in dust removal equipment, so the environmental protection heat source can also reduce the investment in environmental protection equipment.
4. The heat source of the organic fertilizer dryer should be easy to collect. It is necessary to consider not only the unit price cost of the heat source, but also the convenience of the source. In order to reduce the cost of the heat source, some heat sources are used in a mess, which is easy to cause damage to the dryer equipment and drying stability of the heat source.
5. The role of the dryer in the process of the organic fertilizer production line affects the utilization of the heat source. When choosing a heat source, we must consider the needs of the organic fertilizer processing technology, so as not to waste, not blindly thrift.